Here at, we love corgis. Well, we think we do. We live in a small apartment in New York, and don't really have the time right now to properly take care of a dog. But we think they're really cute. At lunch one day, someone said “!” and it was available. Well, now it isn't any more.

Why are we corgiphiles? Because corgis are awesome! They're medium-sized dogs with small dog legs and big dog ears. They're cute and smiley and easygoing. And corgi puppies, oh, don’t get me started! We prefer welsh pembroke corgis to cardigan corgis here at, but we love all corgis, and think that reasonable people could differ about which was cuter.

Meet the Mascot!

Cardiff the Corgi
Cardiff the Welsh Pembroke Corgi

Meet Cardiff, the mascott. Since we don't have a live corgi, we have a stuffed one. Cardiff's favorite pastimes include sleeping under chins, sitting on heads, taking the Fun Ride (going through the wash), and traveling to exotic locations. Here are some pictures of Cardiff on vacation:
Getting nibbled upon by a golden lion in St. Petersburg
Commanding a tattooed lion in St Petersburg
Finding a kindred spirit in the Hermitage Museum's statuary collection
Making the acquaintance of a pup adorning one of the Vasa's carvings in the Vasa Museum
Hanging out with a new lion friend at Drottningholm Palace
Sitting on a duck in the Warsaw Zoo
Making friends with the locals at River Trees.
With some statues and a couple of random jerks at the Serengeti Visitor's Centre
Admiring the beautifully-painted walls of the Matthias Church
Hanging out with the panthers at the Budapest Zoo
With a temple guardian in Osaka Jo
Ready for his close-up at Himeji Jo
Admiring Kokoen’s gardens
Posing with a minivan in Himeji
Amid a myriad of lamps in Akihabara Electric Town
Atop appliances in Akihabara Electric Town
On the porch of Sensoji temple
Contemplating the void at Ryoanji
With a live corgi at Kiyomizudera
Guaranteeing his enlightenment at Todaiji
In front of moss-covered lanterns in Nara Park
Meeting a miniature prince Genji in the Kyoto Costume Museum
Contemplating an ox in the Kyoto Costume Museum
Admiring the trees in the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
With the changing at the guard at Windsor Castle
With a Windsor Castle guard
With the giant Beefeater Bear in the Tower of London gift shop
In the City of London's coat of arms
With the lions on Nelson's Column
Among the statues at the Reykjavik Church of Christ the King
Atop Hallgrimskirkja, the largest church in Iceland
At Gulfoss

A new cute corgi every day at Cardiff was featured on Oct 1, 2010!
“Corgis are enchanted. You only need to see them in the moonlight to know this.” — Tasha Tudor
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